About Pink Pewter

Let us glam you! As the leader in in hair accessories, Pink Pewter has made a strong name in the beauty community through the top influencers in the industry to the everyday Pink Pewter-wearer. Worn by celebrities and the larger-than-life personalities, our hair accessories and jewelry created a new category in the beauty community that allowed our fans to create endless options with our pieces.

Our premier makeup line elevates our offerings to our customers. The high quality of our products that we’ve been known to create for years, now translates into our luxurious line of makeup. As diverse as our hair accessories are, so too is our makeup line. From contour, eyeshadow, lips, highlight, brows, lashes and more, we have you covered! We wanted to create a line that is as dependable as our brand name in the industry and that is just what we did.

Pink Pewter’s Founder and Designer Mireya Villarreal says, “It hit me one day while getting ready: ‘I need to do my hair and makeup.’ It was in that moment I knew what would come next: a makeup line to perfectly complement our hair jewelry. Now everyone can confidently express themselves, and complete their look with Pink Pewter from the neck up."

Our makeup line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and the core ingredients are made with coffee bean and coconut oil to create creamy and highly pigmented looks. Every Pink Pewter supporter has always had her options and you will love the amount of options you’ll get to play with in our palettes!

Each product in our lines are created with love, care and with you in mind. "Put your heart into your product and what you believe. Try to make people happy and you'll always be successful,” says Mireya Villarreal.

Pink Pewter is supplying your hair and now makeup go-tos. We can’t wait to see the looks you create. Use #PinkPewter to show us the magic you create with our lines for a chance to be featured to all our followers!

Mireya Villarreal
Pink Pewter Founder and Designer

Design and Embroidery Production
"Put your heart into your product and what you believe. Try to make people happy and you'll always be successful"
- Mireya Villarreal, Founder and Designer : Pink Pewter

You may wonder, "how is a Pink Pewter created? There are many steps involved to making sure you receive a unique, quality product with exceptional design. Each item in our collection contains design inspiration from international travel. These experiences are some of the main drivers for designing the perfect accessory. In the end, we are motivated to creating an authentic, beautifully crafted piece of hair jewelry, belt, purse, necklace or bracelet that will transform your look or just simply provide that perfect statement piece.
The first step is to create the perfect design. We sketch hundreds of drawings and only choose the absolute finest to add to our black label collection. These designs are all hand drawn. Each drawing is transferred to the canvas, along with all the hand picked materials and colors. From here, each Pink Pewter accessory is hand embroidered to perfection. Yes -- one bead, one crystal at a time.
Once the canvas if full with beautiful hand embroidered pieces, it will look similar to the photos on the left.
Once the embroidery is complete, it's time get the first elastic on and paste the velvet material to the backside. Once the adhesive and velvet has dried, then each item is hand cut and removed from the canvas. To finish, each Pink Pewter authentic piece will be given a metal logo for identification.
Always check to be sure your accessory has a Pink Pewter logo on it otherwise it isn't an authentic piece.
When you own a Pink Pewter authentic piece, you can rest assured that we will take care of it for you throughout it's life. If you have any problems with it and are in need of a repair, just contact us and we'll provide you with the many options we have to get you all sparkly and new again with our Cares and Repairs program. As always, keep sparkling in Pink Pewter!