An Under Twist Braid with a Touch of Pearls at the Ellwood Mansion (Part II)

Here is Part II of our journey to the historical Ellwood Mansion in Dekalb, Illinois, where their mission is to provide connections between the past and today, inspiring creativity, and sharing a sense of wonder.

You can see Part I by clicking here if you like.  Take a look at another collaboration between Mireya Villarreal and @gabrielaemilyzepeda.

Hope you love it!


Here's what was used in the video:

1. Queen Elizabeth - Pearl Hair Pins (4pc) - Striking and regal looks our Queen Elizabeth pin is four stunning pearl pins who is certainly one of the most beautiful of the royal groups with a glimmer of gold and a warm round pearls to pop sophistication around any upstyle. Each pin is 2.8" in length.

2"Never Let Go" Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb (Black) - Simply the best teasing comb in the market and you never have to let it go.

3. Bendable Magnetic Pin and Makeup Holder Bracelet - (Silver) - The strong magnets are great for holding bobby pins, makeup pans, and even your shears!

4.  No Snag Clear Hair Ties / Elastics - 100pc Pack (2cm Diameter - Clear) -
Professional Quality! These no-snag elastics are not your average elastics and make your styling routine much easier. With a thick easy-glide coating, they remove from the hair easily and effortlessly. The coating prevents tangling even in thin or fine hair, and can be used multiple times.

Pink Pewter Queen Elizabeth - Pearl Hair Pins

Pink Pewter Queen Elizabeth - Pearl Hair Pins

Pink Pewter Queen Elizabeth - Pearl Hair Pins

Also, a very special thanks to:

Salon Host & Owner: @joelamancuso_hair

Model (Pink Hair): @maddibeauty26_

Nails & Assist: @enamoradadelavita