Be a Gem Rebel and Sparkle Outside the Box.

As I mention in my book (Next Level Mindset: Crush the Barriers to Success), "If you love what you do, and you have a unique style - stick with it! Don’t let people who are unable to think out of the box, or just simply like to take people down get to you." - Mireya Villarreal, Founder and CEO of Pink Pewter

Watch us be rebels, and take this faux mohawk way outside the box.


 Pink Pewter Gem Rebel Snap Clip Glitter Bobby Pins and Skywheel Gem Clip

Pink Pewter Gem Rebel Snap Clip Glitter Bobby Pins and Skywheel Gem Clip

Pink Pewter Gem Rebel Snap Clip Glitter Bobby Pins and Skywheel Gem Clip


Press play to watch the short video below!

How about another quick and rebellious look that will be sure to turn heads!

Pink Pewter Bursting Crystal Rounded Metal Bobby Pin (Gunmetal)


Pink Pewter Bursting Crystal Rounded Metal Bobby Pin (Gunmetal)


Here's what was used in the videos and photos:⁣

1. Gem Rebel Metal Snap Hair Clip (Silver) - Be a rebel and snap on this crystal encrusted clip! Alternating peaks are what drives the character of this clip, which will surely stand out in the crowd. The clip is 3" wide.

2.  Glitter - Metal Bobby Pin Set (4pc) - Glitter is a set of metal bobby pins precisely lined with rhinestones.  Stack these pins to amp up your hair game. The bobby pin is 2.75" L

3.  Sky Wheel Metal Crystal Hair Clip (Silver) - Alternating peak crystals are what make this Sky Wheel shimmer. This head turning clip can quickly make a "well rounded" statement!  The circle of crystals is 2" in diameter.

4. "Rocked and Loaded" Professional Salon Artist Holster - The "Rocked and Loaded" professional styling holster is the perfect size and shape to not only allow you to access your tools quickly, but have the comfort you need to work without distraction and of course - a touch of Pink Pewter style. Inspired and designed by Mireya Villarreal, hairstylist and Pink Pewter founder. 

"Never Let Go" Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb (Black) - Simply the best teasing comb in the market and you never have to let it go.
6. Bendable Magnetic Pin and Makeup Holder Bracelet  - The strong magnets are great for holding bobby pins, makeup pans, and even your shears!

7.  No Snag Clear Hair Ties / Elastics - 100pc Pack (2cm Diameter - Clear) -
Professional Quality! These no-snag elastics are not your average elastics and make your styling routine much easier. With a thick easy-glide coating, they remove from the hair easily and effortlessly. The coating prevents tangling even in thin or fine hair, and can be used multiple times.

8.  Bursting Crystal Rounded Metal Bobby Pin (Gunmetal) - Like a shooting star, this bursting crystal bobby pin shines in the night and demands attention! A unique and stylish bobby pin makes it easy to wear with its' rounded design. The bobby pin is 2.75" in width. 

Special thanks to the amazing team!

Hair, Makeup and Video: @mireya_villarreal_
Photographer: @ac_photography_chicago