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Behind the Scenes Tips to Bring Your Photoshoot Vision to Life

The many, many takes to getting perfection recorded! This is me behind the scenes during a shoot for Pink Pewter. As you look at my face, I mean business. I am 100% “focused” and any distractions do not bother me a bit. Make sure to have complete "focus" !

Pink Pewter and Mireya Villarreal Behind the Scenes Summer Photoshoot

A lot of people ask me, Mireya how do you come up with your themes? Seriously, your videos are all done with your phone? How do you pick your models, etc..

I tell anyone that asks, when doing a shoot you have to be extremely picky with what you are trying to capture for your audience. Every detail matters!

For example:

  • Is the wind blowing to hard? Let’s turn the model to the opposite side asap.

  • Is the makeup too strong? Soften it up!

  • Is the sun giving a shadow?  Find a new position.

  • Is that dress wrinkled? Fix it!

  • Omg, the nail polish is chipped! Bend your finger so nobody sees it :)

  • Is the angle I am shooting going to show the product or vision? If not, find a new angle.

You have to "focus" and look at every single angle or else you are wasting your time and energy.

Pink Pewter and Mireya Villarreal Behind the Scenes Summer Photoshoot

For every look we took about 150 photos with my phone and my photographer's professional camera. I pick the best three that don’t have to be edited that much. That's right - just three.  It has to capture my products and the story we are trying to share. It can be the greatest looking shot of all time, but if it doesn't capture my vision - it's out.

People ask me all the time what agency I work with to find my models. I tell them I always use “non professional models”. Why? Because I want them to be relatable to my audience very natural and real.

Pink Pewter and Mireya Villarreal Behind the Scenes Summer Photoshoot

For example, that day we did five looks with hair and wardrobe in less than four hours. Yep sure did!  And got those videos done in less than an hour. All finished and edited..... is that nuts?  No it’s called “focused”.

Pink Pewter and Mireya Villarreal Behind the Scenes Summer Photoshoot

Anyone can do this. Anyone driven enough to grow is capable of anything.

Do you want your personal social media page or business page to look fun and professional? You need to always "focus" on your goal and never look any other direction but forward.

Watch the Instagram videos of the shoot using our new Summer Sports and Casual Headwraps and pieces from our Queen of Gems Collection:



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  • Thank you for sharing! I am a hairstylist of almost 30 years. I am putting most of my savings into my DREAM BUSINESS. Creating Hair jewelry & doing my own editorial work. My style is different from the “mainstream” so I really haven’t had a boss or even most hairstylists I work with don’t see my vision or care to be encouraging. So I Choose To Believe in Myself! I love your story and I was very inspired by you and the Amazing Company you have built! CONGRATULATIONS YOU EARNED IT…

    Tamara Franzen

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