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Curly Hair Swag DIY Tutorial

Let's focus on some curl swag today with seven DIY looks using Pink Pewter accessories. Watch the video and look at the products used below: 

Here's what was used in the video:

1. "Moonstruck" Metal Hair Clip (Silver) - Just clip it to the side and add one or two .

2. "Corrine" Elastic Stretch Band - Wear as a traditional headband or make a bold move and wear on your forehead for a more chic look.⁣

3. "Vanessa" Hard Headband - Step outside the box and add not one, but two to stand out.

4. "Gabrielle" Turban -  Multiple ways to style this look and it’s so bold and beautiful.

5. Luxe Plush Scrunchies (Midnight) - Wear them on your wrists or as a pony. Try a half up half down look, or why not a top notch pony and boogie down.⁣

6. "Never Let Go" Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb (Black) - Simply the best teasing comb in the market and you never have to let it go.

7. InspireME Baseball Hat - "Pink Pewter" - Top everything off with a Pink Pewter signature baseball hat. Isn’t it so cute!?⁣