Empower Your Life Master Class is underway!

Sneak Peak! Our schedule of beauty and education is in full effect this morning... Featuring both @annette_updo_artist and @pinkpewter Mireya Villarreal covering a wide range of topics—up-styles, product development, social media, business building, hair and more. So make sure to check back for more updates and final looks.

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Hosted by Mireya Villarreal, Social Media Influencer, Founder, and CEO of Pink Pewter, this workshop is not just about talent or good marketing. It’s about infusing the two together to create an authentic brand that cuts through the noise to help you stand out. We want to help attendees create a brand that they can stand behind. Salons and stylists make the mistake of posting sales pitches through social media, that does not engage the audience. Big numbers do not necessarily mean influence! The hair industry is image-driven, so the visual platform of social makes it easy to express ourselves—but to keep people engaged you have to do more than post hair photos.

This class is ideal for stylists who want to build their brand and is also great for salon owners, salon managers or receptionists who are responsible for managing the salon’s social reputation. With so much noise right now in the online space, it is our goal to give whoever is cultivating a brand for a salon or for themselves the tools to differentiate themselves in the market space. 

  • Identify Your business / Personal Strategy
  • Full profile review with immediate enhancements 
  • Photography tips, how to take an engaging photos 
  • Learn about the different strategies per social channel
  • Learn how to follow the analytics
  • Connect and engage with true followers
  • Learn how to use powerful apps
  • Get more comments and engagement
  • Tips and tricks to beat the algorithms
  • Tools to take home