Mireya Villarreal Styles Mac Duggal's 2018 "This Is Why I’m Fabulous" Finalists

The act of sharing body positivity on social media has opened the discussion to transcend borders in the international communities who may not have been as vocal about it prior to Instagram. Pink Pewter has recognized this ongoing trend taking over our social media. When given the opportunity to work with Mac Duggal, we just could not say no!

Mac Duggal hosted a contest to find his branded plus-size models, which were empowered for the day! Learning how to walk the runway, speak with the utmost confidence, applying their stage makeup, and taught how to execute hairstyles on the fly, ending the event with a photoshoot of each designer gown and woman looking like a million bucks.

This increase in empowered women embracing their bodies has brought the body positivity movement to the forefront, noticeably taking life on Instagram strives to adapt to consumer reactions of shattering the former image of the 00 ideal. Mac Duggal and Pink Pewter making history with the diversity of its models, the inclusion of all sizes and judging panel.

Women and young girls now have their own icons on social media; they can see women of Universal Standard, a women’s modern essentials focusing on sizes 10 to 28. This movement shows women that they don’t need to be a certain size to know they are beautiful.