Pink Pewter Beauty Essentials Product Box with Steph Weber (@trendyinindy)

We share a passion with delivering consumer experiences, so it was a perfect match to have Steph Weber (@trendyinindy) in our corporate offices to collaborate! The result was a rich experience of trend and style, with curated products that were hand picked by Steph, just for you.  

From Steph:

I'm staring at my reflection in the mirror, trying to decide what to do with my hair for the day. I'll probably curl, tease it, and walk out the door like I do everyday. But today, I really want to change it up, do something different.

I've teamed up with Pink Pewter to curate a box of my can't-live-without beauty essentials. Inside this box, you'll find all the accessories you need to elevate your everyday curled or straight go-to hairstyle and top it off with my favorite lip color. 

Pink Pewter and Steph Weber Style Box

Pink Pewter Trendy in Indy Essentials Box

I started with the "Extreme Vented Flex" Small Contoured Styling Brush because I can't style my hair without brushing it first. I have long hair so I need something that is lightweight, but goes through my tangles with ease. This brush is multi-functional with its flex design because you can also tease with it. I'm all about the two-in-one.
I first found Pink Pewter at a market while I was buying for a local boutique where I use to work. Their unique headbands drew me in five years ago and I've been hooked ever since. They are constantly creating new designs that work for everyday life or events. I included two of my favorites in this box.

The first is a casual "Rue" #34 - Grey Headwrap style. It's neutral with its grey tones and I could probably wear this daily. I use it to hold my hair back when I wash my face. I use it as a traditional wrap to place over my curls. I also wear this when I'm rocking a messy bun.

Pink Pewter Steph Weber Rue Sports Headwrap

The second is the 
Cy'ra- Detachable Stretch Band. I use this on the days when I want to glam up my look, but not be overdone. It's comfortable and can also be layered with the "Rue" #34 - Grey Headwrap

Pink Pewter Steph Weber Cy'ra Detachable Stretch Band 

How many of you like to put your hair in a ponytail in the middle of the day, but don't want to ruin your sleek hair or bouncy curls with a giant crease? The Hair Twists - Clear (5pc) are included in this box exactly for that reason. Your hair won't crease, but these stay in place. I keep them in my work bag, my purse, and my car. 
This essentials box wouldn't be complete without my favorite cosmetic product. Lip colors are my staple and I've tried almost every brand out there. Pink Pewter has created something truly wonderful with this Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer - "Toasty" that stays and doesn't leave your lips feeling crusty at the end of the day. Toasty is a color that compliments almost every skin tone and hair color. 

Pink Pewter Steph Weber Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Color Toasty

Pink Pewter and Steph Weber Style Box

Pink Pewter Trendy in Indy Essentials Box

Pink Pewter and Steph Weber Collaboration

About Steph

With a passion for sharing stories with her audience, Steph Weber is the creator and owner of Trendy in Indy, a brand that empowers women by teaching and inspiring through fashion, beauty, and travel content.
Putting herself through school at Butler University, Steph understood the importance of work ethic when it comes to achieving her biggest goals in life. She's maintained roots in the fashion industry for most of her career, even spending time in New York City as a marketing intern for a formal dress designer. 

Steph graduated with a degree in Strategic Communications which helped her develop a passion for creating and an understanding of brand awareness. She is a firm believer in supporting dreams and dreaming big. She believes in the power of positivity and fostering authentic relationships. 

Trendy in Indy was born to share real brand stories with a target audience. As an influencer, she works with various brands, including locally owned businesses, to share their products and services in an authentic way. She shows her audience how these brands align with her everyday life. As a brand consultant, she assists businesses in discovering their brand, developing social strategies, and connecting them with influencers to grow. 

You can find Steph at and on a podcast that she co-hosts, Indy Wine Chats, available on iTunes and SoundCloud.