The Purpose Behind the Pink Pewter Magnetic and Interchangeable Makeup Palettes

"It hit me one day when I said:  "I need to do my hair and makeup".  That was in the Summer of 2014, and that was when I realized that Pink Pewter needed a line of cosmetics to finish off the look." - Mireya Villarreal

In typical Pink Pewter fashion, developing a cosmetic line wasn't going to be an easy, quick and straightforward process. We never follow the standard playbook.  The line needed to be different.  It needed to serve the professional as well as the consumer.  It needed to serve a purpose, and it needed to be affordable. 

So the development process began.

Pink Pewter Cosmetics DevelopmentPink Pewter Cosmetics Development

Serving the Professional and Consumer
Mireya, a makeup artist herself, knew how important blending ability (specifically in a time crunch), pigmentation and safe / natural ingredients meant to the professional and the consumer.  Getting those three key objectives developed took quite a bit of persistence and patience when dealing with chemists.  "There must have been at least 30 different rounds of testing before I was satisfied" said Mireya Villarreal.  

Pink Pewter Mireya Villarreal CosmeticsPink Pewter Mireya Villarreal Cosmetics

The end result was an extremely simple blending and payoff characteristic. Our eye shadows, highlighters and cream contours are both made with coconut oil and coffee bean oil, which work together to create a creamy, smooth finish that maximizes color payoff. The formula is soft and easy to work with while not compromising a high-quality pigment.

Coconut Oil Benefits: Coconut oil contains hydrating and anti-aging properties that keep the skin moisturized without weighing down the eyelids.

Coffee Bean Oil Benefits: Coffee bean oil reduces wrinkles so application appears ultra smooth while the ingredient also works to tighten, firm and repair the skin, all while creating a creamy texture for high pigment.

In addition to these two beneficial ingredients, our eyeshadows, highlighters and contour creams are both gluten free and vegan.

Serving a Purpose
In addition to the ingredients and application, there were still many other considerations to making sure the cosmetic line solved some everyday issues and annoyances. 'I used to travel with 3-4 palettes, a small mirror and a few brushes. Now I travel with one compact palette that contains everything I need". said Mireya Villarreal.  Business travel was a challenge, and so was the time available to actually spend applying makeup.  Growing up and working in a modest salon, where overlapping customers was the norm - saving time was a key driver in developing the Pink Pewter palettes.

This is why our palettes are magnetic and interchangeable with easily removable and refillable colors.  Not only does this benefit the makeup artist and globetrotting traveler but makes it extremely convenient for the everyday consumer. "for a night out, I just take the small 8 color palette with me and load it with the colors I need for a touch up" said Mireya Villarreal.  

If that wasn't enough, each palette is made from exceptionally polished UV coated acrylic for a sleek, expensive look and boasts a built in mirror.  The "I Want It All" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette contains 33 total colors, with a mix of beautifully embossed eyeshadows and highlighters in both matte and shimmery finishes. This larger palette also includes a dual sided brush which can serve as the only brush you need to carry when traveling or out for the night. 
"I Want It All" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette"I Want It All" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette (33 colors)"I Want It All" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette (33 colors)

If you prefer a smaller and more compact option, then you can go for the "Neutrally Perfect" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette

"Neutrally Perfect" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette (8 colors)

or the "Contourversy" Interchangeable Magnetic Contour Cream Palette which both contain 8 colors that are fully interchangeable.

"Contourversy" Interchangeable Magnetic Contour Cream Palette (8 Colors)

You get the base colors included, and can stock up on the individual shadows, highlighters and contour creams which can be swapped in and out as needed.  Simple.

So......of course, the development took nearly 3 years but in the end, the goals were achieve! See the full line of Pink Pewter Cosmetics.