Minerva - Hand Bracelet

Minerva - Hand Bracelet

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Minerva hand bracelet is a combination ring and drawstring bracelet linked together by a strands of beads and rhinestones. The ring is design with a large oval black rhinestone surrounded by bronze and gold smaller beads and has a beaded elastic to fit any finger. The drawstring has a repeating design of oval black and gold iridescent oval rhinestones surrounded by bronze, gold and black seed beads creating the perfect compliment to its ring counterpart. As an added design plus, the ends of both drawstring ties have 4 strands of alternating beads creating a tassels

Pink Pewter Authenticity Check: branded silver metal logo charm accents band.

Design Specs:
Bracelet: 3/4 in L, 1 1/4 in W
Ring: 4 1/2 in L. 1 in W
Velvet backing
Pull String Sliding Knot Bracelet
One size comfortably fits all

Colors: Gold/Black