Queen for a Day - Isabella Set (3pc)

Queen for a Day - Isabella Set (3pc)

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Become a Queen for a Day with this exquisite and balanced set. 

Set Includes:

  • Isabella of Portugal (1pc).   A woman of great beauty and intelligence, so it was only fitting to name this pearl encrusted clip in her name.The snap clip is easily able to be placed in the hair, with its perfectly fitted strings of pearls.

    The clip is 3" in length, 0.5" wide on the small end, and 1" wide on the large end.

  • Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (2pc).  Gain royal status with a glimmer of rose gold, hand-cut stones, and warm pearls. Owning charisma and charm, she is regarded as one to be the most photographed. A signature style and benevolence that will be remembered with great reverence.

  • - (1) Isabella of Portugal - Beaded Snap Clip (Pearl)
  • - (1) Catherine Duchess of Cambridge - Pearl Flower Pins (2pc)