Queen for a Day - Starburst and Glitter Set (4pc)

Queen for a Day - Starburst and Glitter Set (4pc)

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Become a Queen for a Day with this exquisite and balanced set. 

Set Includes:

  • Timeless Bobby Pin - Silver (1pc).  

    Bows are timeless.  What a perfect reason to create these metal bow bobby pins.  The bobby pin is 2.4" in length.  The bow flares out to about 0.5" on the ends.

  • Starburst Bobby Pin - Silver (1pc). 

    A high quality metal bobby pin is an excellent choice for a quick, classy look.  Starburst is accented with two progressive stars on the end, each encrusted with rhinestones.  The bobby pin is 2.75" in length.  The small star is 0.5" wide and the larger star is about 0.65" wide.

  • Glitter Bobby Pin - Silver (2pc). 
    Glitter is a metal bobby pin precisely lined with rhinestones.  Stack these pins to amp up your hair game. The bobby pin is 2.75" L

  • - (1) Starburst - Metal Bobby Pin (Silver)
  • - (1) Timeless - Metal Bow Bobby Pin (Silver)
  • - (2) Glitter - Metal Bobby Pins