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Pink Pewter Sweet Sixteen Birthday Month

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June is always a special month at Pink Pewter, because it's our birthday month!  We are forever grateful to our wonderful family of customers and friends, that helped build Pink Pewter over the last 16 years.  It's still amazing to believe our story began 16 years ago in June.

This year, we are celebrating and want you to be part of it.  So, take a look at the "party favors" that will run the entire month of June.  Enjoy!

Mireya Villarreal
Founder and CEO - Pink Pewter

Pink Pewter Sweet Sixteen Birthday Month
Our Monthly Glam Box will be EXTRA SPECIAL this month.  Here's what we're doing to celebrate:

  • For the month of June, new subscribers can get their first box for only $19.99 when using the CODE: SWEETSIXTEEN   at checkout.

  • All Glam Boxes will include a UNIQUE item from the Pink Pewter vault.  These are items that were never produced, and we only have one of each!  That means every box will get one special and one-of-a-kind item, packed in a keepsake velvet bag.

  • We will choose 16 random Glam Boxes and insert a $20 Pink Pewter Gift Card in each one, so all subscribers have a chance to win! 

Pink Pewter Monthly Glam Box

Pink Pewter Sweet Sixteen Birthday Month

For the entire month of June, we are automatically adding a free gift into each order shipment!  No minimum order required either.   So it's simple, place and order - and we will insert a free gift into your shipment.  Of course, the free gift doesn't apply to purchases of gift cards, event tickets, mystery gifts or the Monthly Glam Box :)

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Pink Pewter Birthday Month Celebration

For the month of June, approved WHOLESALE AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS enjoy EXTRA wholesale discounts!  These are additional discounts on top of the discounts you already get in your account!

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