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COVID-19 Support Effort

It's during times like these when you need to reorganize your priorities.  These are also the experiences that force you to see everything you've taken for granted. Someone needs you more than you think. Reach out.

Over the next several weeks, take time with family and the ones you love. Sit around the dinner table and laugh together. Get your coziest blanket and watch a good movie together. Enjoy the silence and calm in your home. Be together.

Help others wherever you can, even if it's just a phone call or a simple "how are you? text message. We are all in need. Show compassion and be patient. Everything makes a difference.

We need to come together as this pandemic continues and realize we are in this together. No one is immune to the day to day struggles this will bring forward. Be it emotionally, physically, or financially, we are all facing the same concerns and hardships.

Just like past times, we will get through all of this and be much stronger on the other side.

Keep faith and prayer in your heart.

Mireya Villarreal
Founder and CEO - Pink Pewter

Find a happy photo memory to keep yourself positive. Here's mine :)

Here are some support pages we have created for you:

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BIZ TAWK: How to Get Through These Difficult Times

Detachable Headbands with Loops for Face Masks

Pink Pewter Detachable Headbands used to Secure Face MaskPink Pewter Detachable Headbands used to Secure Face Mask

Wide Head Wrap / Face Scarves

Pink Pewter Rue Wide Headwraps used as a scarf or Face Mask

We are using our online chat to give our customers a way to contact us with any questions on how to best deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected their personal lives.

We are all suffering from the impact and are all in this together. We're here to chat and provide support in whatever way we can.

Please chat with us :) It always helps!

You can also send us a message at:  or call us at  888-214-5678 if you prefer to speak with us directly.

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