Cambree - Bandless, Clipless Jewels (Purple / Mint)

Cambree - Bandless, Clipless Jewels (Purple / Mint)

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The Cambree hair jewels are designed with two larger beads with velcro backing that are detailed with larger stones, small circular beads, and trimmed with rhinestones. The center beading has 4 rows of different colored and shaped beading. Each piece is hand beaded with a bandless, clipless, self securing velcro design. Style the hair jewels in a chic updo or in a casual braid.

Design Specs:
Large Jewel: 2 in L x 1 1/2 in W
Beading: 9 1/2 in L
Velcro backing on Jewels

Colors: Purple / Mint

*Beaded Hair Jewels come in black box with velcro backing*