"Cosmo" Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Set (2pc)
"Cosmo" Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Set (2pc)
"Cosmo" Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Set (2pc)

"Cosmo" Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Set (2pc)

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Pink Pewter's "Cosmo" Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer Duo creates a battle with your drink, and we know who will come out on top with this color blend! Apply "We Danced" first in full pigment, then layer on "Charmed" creating a perfect blend!

Pink Pewter's creamy texture provides perfect coverage in one step, even on the darkest lips. The color is ultra pure and intense with 6  unique shades saturated in pigment. Apply quickly for instant infusions of oils and a subtle color, or build up to create a lip so nude you'll think they disappeared. 

Our lip lacquers are made with argan and jojoba oils, which work together to create a creamy, smooth finish and maximizes moisture in lips. The formula is soft and easy to work with while not compromising a high-quality pigment.

Argan Oil Benefits: Will heal cracked and irritated lips, smooth over while keeping your lips soft and conditioned.

Jojoba Oil Benefits: Rich in vitamins E, B, and plays the role of sebum and moisturizes when our body stops doing so naturally.


Colors: We Danced, Charmed

  • - (1) Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer - "Charmed"
  • - (1) Matte Velvet Lip Lacquer - "We Danced"