Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip - 3 Pack
Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip - 3 Pack
Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip - 3 Pack
Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip - 3 Pack

Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip - 3 Pack

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Say goodbye to hair hassles with our Crescent Moon Claw – the ultimate solution for keeping your hairstyle in place. This robust and stylish hair clip ensures your hair stays where it should, no matter the occasion. Measuring 3.5" long and 2" high, this powerful accessory is here to make a statement!

Unmatched Grip: Tired of fussing over your hair throughout the day? The Crescent Moon Claw is designed for a secure hold, keeping your hair beautifully arranged without any hassle. From elegant updos to casual half-up styles, trust this claw to provide a firm grip.

Stellar Design: Embrace celestial charm with the crescent moon-inspired design of this claw. Its unique shape adds a touch of intrigue and style to your hair, making it a versatile choice for various outfits and occasions.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with attention to detail, this hair claw is built to last. The sturdy materials ensure durability, so you can rely on it day after day to tame your locks with ease.

Effortless Beauty: Achieve a polished look effortlessly. With the Crescent Moon Claw, you can confidently step out, knowing your hair is secure and your style is on point.

Elevate your hair game with the Crescent Moon Claw – a blend of functionality and fashion that promises to keep your hair out of sight, so you can shine bright throughout the day!

Packaging:  All items are individually packaged, each with retail carding.

  • - (1) Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip / Cream
  • - (1) Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip / Dark Brown
  • - (1) Crescent Moon Claw Hair Clip / Sage