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Darlene - Detachable Stretch Band (Slate)
Darlene - Detachable Stretch Band (Slate)

Darlene - Detachable Stretch Band (Slate)

Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!

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Darlene hair jewelry consists of an intertwining infinity like design. The center of each infinity design has a tear drop crystal in it's featured color. Circled with matching seed beads and looping rhinestones. The outer edge has a finished trim of seed beads. Backed by non-slip and no-tangle black velvet.  

Design Specs:
13 3/4 in L, 3/4 in W
Detachable Band
Double black stretch cord
One Size comfortably fits all

To utilize your headpiece to accessorize a side ponytail, braid, or up style, detach the elastic portion of the headpiece by pulling the horizontal stopper through the metal circular holder.

Store in a safe place, so you can always reattach your accessory. 

Place a bobby pin at each end of the metal circular holder. Place in the desired location to accessorize your look. 

Push the bobby pin in a downward motion into the hair. Once a decent amount of hair has inserted into the bobby pin flip in the opposite direction and secure. The opening of the bobby pin should be facing toward the ceiling while secured.

Crowned in front of the braid or accessorize the braid itself on top! 

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