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Next Level Thinking: Power Up Your Business and Branding (Video)

Next Level Thinking: Power Up Your Business and Branding (Video)

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Next Level Thinking: Power Up Your Business and Branding (Video)

Mireya Villarreal, Founder and CEO of Pink Pewter will be talking business and how to effectively brand and promote yourself (the Brand!).

Mireya shares her playbook on how to get to the next level and teaches the behaviors necessary to develop a “next level” entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn the key business drivers from a hairstylist and business owner who started in a 600 square foot salon to growing an international brand sold in over 30 countries.

Video Run time:  45 minutes

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Mireya's Mission

Mireya started her "Empower Your Life" campaign to be able to deliver her story of success and failures to motivate others. Her story of humble beginnings and her journey through massive success is riveting, transparent and empowering.  Mireya shares her personal and business behaviors and her roadmap for success.  Most importantly, Mireya shares her failures and how she built herself back up after wanting to give up.  

Mireya delivers a "real" view of what success, sacrifice and failure looks like. In a fast paced world where all the pictures of everyday life seem perfect on social media, Mireya seeks to inspire others by showing them the true behind the scenes experiences of an entrepreneur, mom and wife.

As an active board member of the Cosmetologists Chicago, Mireya volunteers her time to help grow America's Beauty Show in Chicago and help future salon professionals fulfill their dreams of entering the beauty industry.