Pink Pewter Monthly Glam Box Club
Pink Pewter Monthly Glam Box Club
Pink Pewter Monthly Glam Box Club

Pink Pewter Monthly Glam Box Club

Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!

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Pink Pewter Glam Box Leprechaun MustacheMarch Glam Box Offer: Feeling lucky?  IF YOU'RE LUCKY enough to get the Leprechaun Mustache in your box, you get a special gift! *

Our monthly Glam Box Includes 5 or more Pink Pewter hair accessories, including one EXCLUSIVE item all hand picked for the season! We even sprinkle in bracelets and cosmetics along the way :) Up To a $69.99 Value, and Free USA Shipping!  Cancel at any time, or just skip a month or so. Whatever you want!

"Putting these exclusive glam boxes together every month is something the entire team looks forward to.  We hope you love it!" - Mireya Villarreal, Founder and CEO Pink Pewter

Ships in a beautiful, custom printed box.
Pink Pewter Glam Box Club

You get surprises each month!  From hair accessories, bracelets, necklaces, makeup and more, all in one monthly box.

1) How does it work?
Each month, you’ll receive at least 5 Pink Pewter products (up to a $69.99 value). It will be like it’s your birthday every month! And shipping is completely FREE on all USA orders!

2) What Items are Included?
Each Glam Box will be themed for the month, so all products you get will be seasonal. You will receive a variety of product across accessories and cosmetics. PLUS, to show you our love we will even include one of a kind pieces that are not available for shoppers in each monthly box!

3) Do I have to sign my life away?
Of course not! You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Orders ship out within 4-5 days of your first purchase. After that, your card will be charged $24.99 on the 10th of each month. Your box will arrive around the 15th.