The Pink Pewter Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit

The Pink Pewter Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit

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The Pink Pewter Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization created with the goal of providing inspiration, resources and financial assistance grants to beauty professionals. Whether you are a current beauty professional or have aspirations to be a part of the beauty industry, we want to help you.

We want to do our best to help eliminate a financial barrier that prevents you from getting to the next level.

"I would get approached by salon professionals at beauty shows around the globe who would ask me how I was able to start from a small 600 square foot salon to growing an international beauty brand now sold in over 30 countries. I would simply tell them my story, hoping that I could inspire them to reach for their dreams. "

As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I learned the value of hard work, passion and sacrifice. The journey wasn't easy and I made many mistakes. My brand, Pink Pewter has grown over the years which has now given me a bigger platform to teach and help others avoid costly mistakes.

Now, I want to help beauty professionals grow their careers or businesses in a more powerful way through The Pink Pewter Foundation.

It's time for me to personally make an even bigger impact in the industry."

Mireya Villarreal
Founder and CEO - Pink Pewter