"Total Glam" 10pc Makeup Kit + Free Accessory Gift

"Total Glam" 10pc Makeup Kit + Free Accessory Gift

Only 4 left!
Only 4 left!

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"Total Glam" 10pc Makeup Kit + Free Accessory - This kit is completely customizable to fit your needs, having the ultimate sampling of Pink Pewter Cosmetics.

The kit includes a custom foam insert that securely holds all of the cosmetics, and ships in a custom black Pink Pewter branded carton. The foam insert can be removed and used at home or keep it perfectly packaged to travel with you to a consultation or on site event!

The "Total Glam" Kit includes:
1 - "I Want It All" Interchangeable Magnetic Makeup Palette (33 colors)
1 - "Lash But Not Least" Double Sided Mascara
1 - Professional "Splash & Swirl" Makeup Sponge
1 - Brow Shaping Powder
1 - Mink Eyelash
1 - "Contourversy" Interchangeable Magnetic Color Correcting Concealer and Contour Cream Palette (8 Colors)
4 - Matte Velvet Lip Lacquers
1 - Free Pink Pewter Accessory

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