Looking Fine My Darling In That Bedazzled French Twist!

Let's rewind and add our own signature to the french twist.  Of course, we needed to accessorize this look with our Dazzle - Metal Hair Clips (A/B Crystal).  Not one......but three!

Check it out and try it yourself.

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Pink Pewter Dazzle - Metal Hair Clip (A/B Crystal)

 Pink Pewter Dazzle - Metal Hair Clip (A/B Crystal)

 Press play to watch the short video below!


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Here's what was used in the videos and photos:⁣

1. Bungee Professional Quality Elastics With Hooks - 6pc (5" Black) - These bungee elastics provide creative ways to complete your chic pony or updo. These elastics are the ideal solution for professional hairstylists with secure hooks that latch into the hair allowing you to work easily.

Prevents and minimizes hair strand damage associated with sliding a tradition ponytail out of the hair and works with thick or textured hair also.

This 6 count pack of elastics comes in a plastic sleeve for easy storage. The elastic is 5" in length including the hooks.

2. "Rocked and Loaded" Professional Salon Artist Holster - The "Rocked and Loaded" professional styling holster is the perfect size and shape to not only allow you to access your tools quickly, but have the comfort you need to work without distraction and of course - a touch of Pink Pewter style. Inspired and designed by Mireya Villarreal, hairstylist and Pink Pewter founder. 

3. "Never Let Go" Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb (Black) - Simply the best teasing comb in the market and you never have to let it go.
4. Bendable Magnetic Pin and Makeup Holder Bracelet  - The strong magnets are great for holding bobby pins, makeup pans, and even your shears!

5.  No Snag Clear Hair Ties / Elastics - 100pc Pack (2cm Diameter - Clear) -
Professional Quality! These no-snag elastics are not your average elastics and make your styling routine much easier. With a thick easy-glide coating, they remove from the hair easily and effortlessly. The coating prevents tangling even in thin or fine hair, and can be used multiple times.

6.  Dazzle - Metal Hair Clips (A/B Crystal) - Dazzle is a crystal encrusted metal hair clip, using A/B crystals for a prism look that is sure to sparkle from every angle.  Large, alternating A/B crystals make this clip unique with extra shimmer.  The clip is 3.25" L x 1" W