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About Mireya and Pink Pewter


Mireya Villarreal Founder and CEO Pink Pewter

About Mireya
Mireya Villarreal is a creator. She has a passionate vision for style that was founded in her mother’s hair salon as a stylist at an early age, but inspired by the birth of her daughter, transitioned into headbands and has expanded to a full line of accessories and salon essentials offered through Pink Pewter

She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants that came to the United States to pursue their own dreams. Her mother is also a stylist that opened her own shop in the suburbs of Chicago. Dad was a steel worker. Mireya grew up in the wake of entrepreneurism, dedicated work ethic and creativity. Her experiences in life equipped her with the tools necessary to take ideas and make them realities, to take yes as the only answer and to be something different, special.

The idealistic style behind Pink Pewter started as a few headbands for her toddler daughter Marina, hand made at Mireya’s kitchen table. Her unique designs generated interest that turned into demand.

Mireya recognized the opportunity and began making more in small batches that she sold in her mother’s salon. As those began to sell out, she loaded a case with a few designs and make unscheduled sales calls to Chicago boutiques and salons.

The business has continued to grow through some of the largest stores and online retailers and she has expanded Pink Pewter’s offerings to a full line of accessories and a very innovative line of specialized salon essentials. Pink Pewter product is currently sold in 30+ countries around the globe. 

Today, Mireya remains the driver behind Pink Pewter designs. Her inspiration grows from personal experience. She travels the globe and works with the world’s biggest influencers of fashion in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris. She and those that she associates with and has partnered with represent a network of people that literally invent style and establish the basis for trend.

Mireya Villarreal
Founder and CEO - Pink Pewter
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"Now, it's time to share my story with the world"

"I would get approached by salon professionals at beauty shows around the globe who would ask me how I was able to start from a small 600 square foot salon to growing an international beauty brand now sold in 30 plus countries. I would simply tell them my story, hoping that I could inspire them to reach for their dreams."

My journey as a hairstylist in a small 600 square foot salon doing $12 haircuts to growing an international beauty brand sold in over 30 countries was full of successes, failures and valuable lessons. 

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Mireya started her "Empower Your Life" campaign to be able to deliver her story of success and failures to motivate others. Her story of humble beginnings and her journey through massive success is riveting, transparent and empowering. Mireya shares her personal and business behaviors and her roadmap for success. Most importantly, Mireya shares her failures and how she built herself back up after wanting to give up.

Mireya delivers a "real" view of what success, sacrifice and failure looks like. In a fast paced world where all the pictures of everyday life seem perfect on social media, Mireya seeks to inspire others by showing them the true behind the scenes experiences of an entrepreneur, mom and wife.

As an active board member of the Cosmetologists Chicago, Mireya volunteers her time to help grow America's Beauty Show in Chicago and help future salon professionals fulfill their dreams of entering the beauty industry.

"Don’t let your situation change who you are. Ever"