Yes! Natural Looking Curls Using Styling Chopsticks

That's right!  Using our Queen Jetsun - Pearl Chopsticks (2pc), Mireya Villarreal was able to get creative and master some tight natural looking curls.  Want to see the step by step magic?  Take a look ;)

Pink Pewter Queen Jetsun - Pearl Chopsticks (2pc)
Pink Pewter Astria - Spiked Star Metal Hair Comb
Pink Pewter Astria - Spiked Star Metal Hair Comb


Model:  Ariana Marchan - @la.ariiiiii

Here's what was used in the video:

1. Queen Jetsun - Pearl Chopsticks (2pc) - ​Queen Jetsun speaks elegance and has a pleasing charm. Her pearled golden chopsticks live up to the reputation of a Queen accented in any upstyle with a slight glimmer of shine. The chopsticks are 5.75" in length.

2.  Astria - Spiked Star Metal Hair Comb - A hair comb with a translucent gem star accent!  Astria is the perfect solution for a small but impactful burst of style.  The hair comb shines with a translucent minty color accent gem and silver rhinestones on the bursts. The entire hair comb is 2.6" in length and the starburst is 1.7" in width.

3. "Never Let Go" Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb (Black) - Simply the best teasing comb in the market and you never have to let it go.
4. Bendable Magnetic Pin and Makeup Holder Bracelet - (Silver) - The strong magnets are great for holding bobby pins, makeup pans, and even your shears!